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قيد الاضافة - صورة



( Vision, mission and goals )

A. conduct studies and researches in the field of the center specialization (i.e. Dams and Water Resources) .It also co-operate and communicate with the similar scientific departments and other institutions that has similar specifications of the center to execute the annual scientific plan of the centre .

B. Teaching in the scientific departments .This will assist in the mutual       communications between the staff center and the students.

C. Conducting researches and studies concerning the water resources management.

D. Conducting consultation to the governmental institutions and giving advices on how to achieve the best management and development of water resources. This will take place through official contracts between the center and the government's institutions.  

E.       Building mutual co-operation between the centre and the other research institutions in Iraq and the neighboring  countries  .

F.       Pursuing the scientific update in the different specialization concerning the center through carrying out conferences and symposiums .



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