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قيد الاضافة - صورة



( Conducted Studies and Projects )


The center through its carrier conducts many scientific studies and projects for the benefits of other ministries. These includes identifying and treatment of problems in the field of water resources, dams preliminary investigation, geotechnical work, field surveying, geophysical investigations, in addition to some technical problems in the industrial fields and finally, some environmental treatment were conducted also: 
1. Strict survey of power station of Mosul dam, General Organization for dams and reservoirs, Mosul Dam Project Management, 1992.
2. Study of preventing the Leakage of liquid sulphur to the Tigris river, Al-Mishraq Sulphur General Company, 1992.
3. The hydraulic model of Euphrates river in the site of the Intake of Al-phosphate General state of phosphate Al-Qaim, 1993.
4. Study of groundwater recharge in Sinjar Area. Al-Jazeera Irrigation Project Management.1993.
5. Hydrological study for a selected length of Tigris river, National fao establishment, 1993.
6. Study of Soil analysis for the consequent forest in patriotism company for homestead furniture industry. Patriotism company for homestead furniture industry, 1993.
7. Study to establish national committee for Water resources in Iraq. Ministry of Irrigation, 1993.
8. Hydrological study along Tigris river from Qaber alabd village to Qayara Bridge site, National fao establishment, 1994.
9. Evaluation of the physo – chemical engineering properties of the phosphate by- product, and the study of the additive materials to improve the engineering properties, General state of phosphate Al-Qaim, 1994.
10. Preliminary study for constructing small dams on Al-Tabbal and Amj valleys in the Iraqi Western desert, Ministry of Irrigation, 1994.
11. Preliminary study for constructing seven small dams in the Iraqi Western deserts, Ministry of Irrigation, 1994.
12. Hydrological study on Tigris river and related performed & planned dams on the proposed Makhol dam on National fao establishment, 1995.
13. Feasibility of constructing Gwair dam on the greater Zab River, Ministry of Irrigation, General Organization for dams and reservoirs, 1995.
14. Construction and operation of the hydraulic model for the upstream of Samarra irrigation system Mosul university consultant bureau, 1996.
15. Study of Ground Water rising in Beji refinery General state of northern refinery establishment Beji refinery, 1996.
16. Geophysical study to locate cavities and weak zones at salhaddin refinery – Beji, General establishment for northern refineries, Beji, 1996.
17. Hydraulic Model of the Bottom Outlet structure of Mosul dam, General Organization for dams and reservoirs, 1995.
18. Mathematic model to study scour problem within the plurge pool of the bottom outlets structure of Mosul dam, General Organization for dams and reservoirs, 1997.
19. Study of groundwater in phosphate plant General state of phosphate, Al-Qaim, 1997.
20. Geophysical survey to detect faults at the right embankment of Badoosh reservoir, Ministry of Irrigation, The General Institute for Irrigation and Reclamation, 1998.
21. Study of cavities and fissures under the basement of the treatment water basin (2) using the seismic refraction method, Al-Mishraq Sulphur General Company, 1998.
22. Study of groundwater table in the General  state of northern fertilizer company, Beji, 1999.
23. study of cavities and subsurface channels in Mishraq sulphur mine using the electrical resistivity survey, Al-Mishraq Sulphur General company, 1999.
24. A study to evaluate the groundwater and its influenced by water uses in the North Refineries company in Beji city. North Refineries Company. Ministry of petroleum. 1999.
25. The realities of groundwater and soil at the site of the general company for petrochemical industries. The Ministry of Industry General Company for Petrochemical Industries. 1999.
26. Comparative study between the tests conducted by (Dames and Moore) company in 1977 and the National Center for Construction Laboratory (NCCL) in 1999 Al-Basra city. General company for petrochemical Industries. 1999.
27. The determination of ground water movement paths in the area bounded by Dur Al- Malh & Tigris River downstream of Mosul dam, General organization for dams and reservoirs, Ministry of Irrigation, 2000.
28. Study of water harvesting and ground water recharge in Sinjar and Al Baaj, Ninevah Governorate, University of Mosul, 2000.
29. Engineering & Geotechincal study for the new phosphogypsum and acid water stacks & the channel links between them in the general phosphate company – Ministry of Industry, 2000.
30. Study of ground water problem in Mosul city, Ninevah Governorate, 2002.
31. Preliminary study to define borehole positions in order to evaluate its validity for irrigation both qualitatively & quantitatively in Mosul University location, 2003. 
32. Hydraulic and Morphologic Characteristics of Tigris River within Mosul City, researches & development General Directory, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Researches, 2010.
33. Two Dimensional Geoelectrical Investigations for Bab Sinjar stadium project – 2000 capacity, Mosul-Iraq, Ninavah Governorate, 2012. 
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